Chicago History Minute

On December 20, 1917, 100,000 people gathered to celebrate what County Judge Thomas F. Scully declared on Twelfth Street (Roosevelt Road): "the greatest public improvement ever completed." > Learn more

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History Lectures

Cost: Call 312-799-2162 or e-mail

Duration: 35-45 minutes

Group size: 20–40 people

1968 Democratic Convention

Experience the 1968 Democratic National Convention that the whole world watched. Hear Museum archivist and historian Peter Alter talk about the demonstrations and riots that took place in Chicago during the political convention. See materials from the time period that document that turbulent summer.

City of Beer Shoulders

Before Milwaukee claimed the title of beer capital of the Midwest, Chicago was the beer mecca for the entire United States. Tavern and beer historian Liz Garibay discusses how beer and taverns played pivotal roles in social movements, crime, politics, and much more.

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