The World's Columbian Exposition

The World's Columbian Exposition

Forty-six nations participated in the exposition, which cost $28,340,700. There were 25,836,073 admissions to the fair, 21,480,141 of which were paid. The admission price was fifty cents; children under twelve paid twenty-five cents and those under six were admitted free. Prior to the exposition's opening, more than 72,000 tons of exhibit materials were shipped to the grounds. Over 250,000 displays--ranging from milk sterilization machines to works of art--were presented by nearly 70,000 individual exhibitors.

Thirty-six percent of the exhibitors received awards, consisting of a bronze medal and a printed diploma. There was only one class of award. Several awards, each recognizing different forms of excellence, might have been given in the same group of exhibits. A total of 23,757 awards were given to 21,000 exhibitors.

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