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In April of 1935, the Illinois State Legislature ruled that it was the duty of a city council to appoint street names. The issue arose over the commemoration of Polish hero Casimir Pulaski.
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Early Chicago: The Fur Trade

Grades 3 to 5

Discover Chicago’s beginning as a fur-trade outpost in the early 19th century.

Treasure Chest

Students will read a historical fiction story called Trading Mystery to learn what life was like in early Chicago during the fur-trade era. Students will then analyze and share their impressions of a "treasure chest" full of early Chicago artifacts.

> Download Treasure Chest (PDF 268 KB)

Treasure Tales

Students will work in pairs to explore fur trade artifacts and make connections with early Chicago history by giving oral presentations. They will then create a Venn diagram comparing modern life to life in the fur trade era.

> Download Treasure Tales (PDF 198 KB)

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