Sheldon Peck

Sheldon Peck's portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Tyler

June 2006

This month, for the first time, we welcome the family of an artist. Sheldon Peck came to Chicago from New York City and during the 1830's painted this portrait of Mrs. Elmore Tyler. This is one of the earliest surviving examples of painting in Chicago, and we are proud to have both this portrait and the portrait of Mr. Elmore Tyler. The members of the family of Sheldon Peck whom we welcomed to our office had never before seen either portrait. They visited the portrait of Mr. Elmore that was brought in on an easel, and the portrait of Mrs. Elmore was in the place of honor over the fireplace. This is a fine work of artistry, as well as one of our most historic paintings.

Peck family group

Family members of Sheldon Peck and guests

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