Charles Comiskey

William Herman Schmedtgen's caricature of Charles Comiskey

April 2006

The caricature of Charles Comiskey hung over the fireplace to celebrate the first subway series in Major League Baseball, which also happened to be the only time that the White Sox played the Cubs in post-season play. The White Sox won the World Series. Members of the Comiskey family were here to celebrate, including State Representative Patricia Belloc and her cousin. This caricature, painted by William Herman Schmedtgen in 1906, hung in Chapin & Gore’s Buffet, a Loop restaurant frequented by celebrities. Dozens of such caricatures painted by Schmedtgen and other artists decorated the walls of Chapin & Gore’s until 1930 when the Chicago History Museum received them as a donation.

Comiskey family

Comiskey Family

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